Joel Embiid has made some more enemies the other night during Game 2 against the Brooklyn Nets. It's quite typical that the outspoken seven-footer has opposing players that aren't too fond of him, seeing as though he's one of the most outspoken players in the league. At this point, players are used to Embiid's trash talking, so they put up with it. However, when it comes it dirty plays, the guys won't tolerate it, as expected.

The other night, Embiid was involved in a questionable play, where he elbowed Nets' center Jarrett Allen in the face. While Embiid did get a flagrant one foul called on him, many were expecting more. Specifically, the Nets wanted Embiid ejected for his actions. Not only did Embiid remain in the game, but the Sixers absolutely dominated the Nets during the second half, which made the situation even more frustrating for Brooklyn, as a potential Embiid ejection could've caused different results for the away team.

That wasn't the case though. Embiid got to play out the rest of the game, and even after a review by the NBA, the play was still ruled as a flagrant one foul, and there was no initial mistake. However, just because the play stands as is, the Nets are still upset about the outcome. Not because of what Embiid did though, but because of how he reacted to the play when asked about it during his post-game press conference.

While sitting at the podium with Ben Simmons beside him, Embiid addressed the elbowing situation, where he planned to offer a public apology. Instead, Embiid ended up bursting out laughing, which was started by his teammate, Simmons. Although Embiid did try to collect himself and turn it all around into a genuine apology, the laughs didn't stop. Now, the Nets aren't too pleased with Embiid heading into Game 3.

ESPN NBA Reporter Ian Begley was in attendance at the Nets' practice facility on Wednesday, where Nets' guard Caris LeVert was asked about Embiid's post-game actions. "We don't really like that," LeVert said, "we thought that was kind of disrespectful." It's clear the Nets are feeling some type of way about the series moving forward, which should make the third matchup between the two a lot more interesting on Thursday.

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