It seems the last two Sixers summers have been filled with watching videos on Twitter of players who have had issues with their jump-shots and watching these videos to see if they have improved.

The summer of 2018, we watched former No. 1 overall pick Markellle Fultz working on his shot with shot coach Drew Hanlen.  People broke down the video and the results didn't play out when Fultz hit the floor, his shot was almost non-existent once the lights went on, until finally he shut it down for the season with another mysterious shoulder injury.

Fast forward to the summer of 2019 and now we have videos of Ben Simmons shooting jumpers, with the latest creating more buzz on twitter.

Some will be excited, others will wait and see it to believe it.

As we all know, Simmons as still not made one three-point shot over his two years in the league, and has only attempted a handful of actual three's that weren't full-court heaves.

Forget three-point shots, jump shots, elbow jumpers, 15-foot jumpers, something is all many Sixers fans are hoping to see.  In the videos this summer we've seen a little bit of everything - but will it translate to the NBA court when the lights go on?

For Fultz it didn't, so Sixers fans have become skeptical that it won't happen for Simmons.

Time will tell, but I'm willing to bet on Ben.

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