It is often debated who is better Philadelphia Eagles' quarterback Carson Wentz or Dallas Cowboys's quarterback Dak Prescott.

But when it comes to the NFL East, its a two-horse race at that position, named the NFC East the worst collection of quarterbacks among divisions in the NFL.

The NFC East ranked dead last in an ranking of the league’s eight divisions based on the quality of their quarterbacks.

Wentz and Prescott are joined by, Washington's Dwayne Haskins and New York's Daniel Jones representing the NFC East.’s Adam Schein called Wentz "a flat-out stud” and "special" but does mention the potential for drama with the addition of second-round pick Jalen Hurts.:

Wentz is a flat-out stud. Prescott should shine under Mike McCarthy. There is slight pause on both, with the Jalen Hurts implementation in Philly and Dak's contractual ambiguity in Dallas. But for the sake of conversation, I think both situations play themselves out in a positive way. While Hurts' presence equals drama in a city that loves it, Wentz is still special. He can rise above sports talk radio chatter.


As for the lower half of the divison, its clear that Wentz and Prescott are far above Haskins and Jones at this stage of their careers.

The jury is very much still out on both Jones and Haskins as they head into Year 2. Neither set the world on fire last fall. (Sure, Jones had some productive games, but his general ball security was a serious issue.) By the end of the coming season, when it comes to stacking up all of the quarterbacks in the AFC East and NFC East, I won't be at all surprised if Jones and Haskins rank Nos. 7 and 8. And that's what cements this ranking for the division.

The AFC East ranked just ahead of the NFC East at No. 7.

Overall  the NFC South was No. 1 in football with Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater.

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