Since 2009 Jason Peters has been a rock for the Eagles at the left tackle position.

In 2019 the team drafted his replacement, Andre Dillard.

When Brandon Brooks went down with a torn Achilles' injury, the team brought Peters back to play right guard. However, Dillard went down with a torn bicep, forcing him to miss the season.

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So now, the team will turn back to Peters to handle the position for the 2020 season according to head coach Doug Pederson on Monday.

As it pertains to our left tackle, I can actually share some news with you that Jason Peters came into my office this morning and he has decided to slide over to left tackle," Pederson announced today. "Listen, this is the unselfishness; this is who he is."

"When we talk about guys and we talk specifically about Jason Peters, this is who he is. He sacrifices not only his body, but for the football team. He did an outstanding job for us at right guard. It was valuable experience for him to play over there on the right side and get some interior work, but as he looks at not only where we are but where he is, he came in today and he was excited to move to left tackle and so I can announce that. I'm thrilled to death."

It wasn't that simple though.

Reports surfaced that Peters wanted more money to move from right guard to lefty tackle, a report that Pederson denied last week.

"First of all, I don't understand where some of these reports are coming from," Pederson said. "Jason Peters for us has done an outstanding job at right guard. He's comfortable at right guard. We have some options at left tackle that we're working through over there. "

The options at left tackle either didn't work out, or the team nudged Peters enough that he acquiesced and changed his tune.

"I was just thrilled to death when he shared the news," Pederson shared. "I'm not going to get into the contract stuff. That's not my area, but I was excited that when he shared the news that he was moving over to the left side and sliding over to the left side, I was thrilled. I mean, I couldn't have been happier, not only for him but I think for our team. It just shows a sign of great leadership by him and gave him a hug and said let's go."

While Pederson said he wasn't prepared to get into the contract stuff, judging by his answer and how excited he was for Peters to make the decision to move back to left tackle, it sure sounds like Pederson prefers Peters to play tackle over guard.

As for right guard, it would seem Matt Pryor would move back to that position, though Pederson also mentioned Nate Herbig and Jack Driscoll as potential options.

"At right guard, Matt Pryor is an option there," Pederson admitted. "We do have some other younger players. I mean, Herbig has been working in there. Driscoll has been working in there. We've got some options at the right guard position. But with this move with Jason Peters, it really kind of solidifies that left side for us and really puts us in a little bit better position moving forward."


Pryor stared the teams Wild Card Playoff game last season when Brooks went down, with Peters playing left tackle in that game, making it strange that the team was going to go with Pryor at left tackle and Peters at right guard.

The team brought in veteran Cordy Glenn for a workout, but judging by Pederson's reaction today, Peters was just a much better option then bringing Glenn into the fold.

"I won't comment too much on him, he did come in for a workout, it did well.  I'll leave it at that,"  Pederson said.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

However, in the end Howie Roseman, who discussed the situation on Sunday, sounded like Peters was ready to comply with the move.

"You know, in terms of Jason Peters, the guy has been here 11 years, right? We made the trade in 2009, so 11 years. I don't know that I've ever met anyone who cares more about the team, bleeds green, cares about protecting players on and off the field, doing whatever it takes," Roseman said.

"So like this whole conversation about Jason that I guess is out there that like he doesn't want to do this or he doesn't want to do that or there's stubbornness on one side or another; the relationship with us and him has been special. The thing that you see when you see Jason Peters is that he can really do anything.

So obviously he has played left tackle at a high level, at a Hall of Fame level and then you watch him play right guard and he's doing an amazing job there and we're used to having a Pro Bowl quality player at that spot, too.

I think for us, we know that we have to look at all these options and figure out what's in the best interest of the team and that's what we're doing right now. We're looking at all those options. I know Jason was here this morning on an off day and he's excited and we're excited."

So on Sunday at 1 p.m in Washington, it will be Jason Peters at left tackle. Just like the previous 11 seasons, and it's for the best of the team.

"I had not expected this," Pederson admitted. "It’s just one of those pleasant surprises that we all kind of hoped would come true."


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