Sixers General Manager Bryan Colangelo opened the Sixers Offseason on the first day of free agency by agreeing to sign Point Guard Jerryd Bayless to a 3 year, 27 Million dollar deal.  Bayless, who turns 28 years old in August, played the last two seasons with the Milwaukee Bucks during which he has averaged 37.25 percent shooting from three-point range as a role player.

ESPN NBA Front Office Insider Tom Penn was a guest on The Sports Bash on Friday and talked about how the Bayless signing is an example of the new direction Colangelo is taking with the Sixers:

"He is going to go out and spend some money.  He is going to go after guys and Bayless is a good example: he is a real pro who is going to come in and score the ball and help you. There is a concerted effort under Colangelo’s leadership to try and win games and become legitimate. It will be interesting to see if he can shuffle the deck on the other players that have come via the draft."

Checkout what Penn had to say about the first day of NBA Free Agency, his thoughts on potential of Harrison Barnes coming to the Sixers and his perspective on what the Knicks are doing


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