The Sixers have had a rough three years.

However, the fruits of that labor is starting to show, has the previously talented strapped team is starting to stock-pile some picks and you should see an infusion of talent on-the-floor this season.

But what if the Sixers could just put its best all-time team on the floor?

Well, Fox Sports’ Andrew Lynch put together what he thinks would be the best Sixers team of all-time.

There were some rules here - players could not appear on more than one list. So that means Wilt Chamberlain was listed on the Golden State Warriors, not on the Sixers.

Don't shoot the messenger here.

So, here is Philadelphia’s all-time starting five, ranked No. 6 in the league:

PG: Allen Iverson
SG: Andre Iguodala
SF: Julius Erving
PF: Charles Barkley
C: Moses Malone

If you search for "all-time Sixers teams," most will have Allen Iverson at shooting guard and Mo Cheeks at point guard. That's a sucker's bet, though, based on nostalgia for Cheeks. He was an outstanding PG, sure. If you want to put together the best basketball team, however, you start AI at point guard and have Andre Iguodala ply his versatile skills at shooting guard. The Sixers have a ton of guys who need the ball in their hands; Iguodala serves as the glue that keeps this team together.

One interesting move is Lynch decided to go with a glue-guy, Iguodala, over another great defensive player Mo Cheeks. The rest of the team its very hard to argue, seeing a team with Moses and Barkley in the paint with Iverson and Dr. J's dynamic scoring ability and Iguodala's defense you have the kind of team the Sixers are hoping they are building now.

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