International Basketball Reporter and Bleacher Report Contributor David Pick reported Sunday that Dario Saric is leaving Europe to come play for the Philadelphia 76ers for the 2016-2017 season.  Pick joined The Sports Bash on Monday and discussed Saric coming to play in the NBA:

"I think in the modern era of Basketball where we're going small, I think Dario could be great at the Four (Position). Might be a tad slow on the Three (Position), I don't think he can defend or he isn't quick enough to defend taller Threes or guys who can really handle because he's not such a big ball handler. But he's ready, he's hungry; he told me directly over the summer, we were together in Serbia we stayed at the same hotel I met him a few times, he told me that he wanted to go (to Sixers) then and there but he couldn't because of the buyout situation and his contract in Turkey. But now a well based source in the locker room is telling me that Dario has been very fluent about telling his teammates 'You know guys, I'm not planning on coming back next year. I basically had enough, I been here for two years and we haven't been able to win anything. It's time for me to make the jump to the NBA'.' He's in constant contact with people from Philadelphia who want him there as well. I think he can be a great piece for that franchise."

Checkout what Pick had to say about how Saric's skill will translate to the NBA and he almost spoke about the impact of Steph Curry's knee injury on NBA Playoffs