Ahead of their game on Monday Night Football, the news came out that their is a bigger reason behind Jason Peters moving to Right Guard after starting six games at Left Tackle this season:

This news comes out two days after the Eagles listed Jason Peters on Saturday's Injury Report as a Limited Participant at practice with a toe issue and NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark reported he was told the issue was "Turf Toe".

While injuries are not anything new for Jason Peters over the last four seasons as he has missed 16 of a possible 58 games since 2017.  But an injury like a Broken Toe changes the perception about Peters struggles versus the Browns last week.

Eagles Offensive Line Coach Jeff Stoutland was asked about Jason Peters moving to Right Guard on Saturday during an Eagles Media Zoom Call:

“The conversation (Jason Peters) and I had, he was outstanding, he said, ‘Coach, whatever you need me to do to get the best five guys on the field, I’m all in.’ - I’m just amazed how he sees angles....He’s almost like an artist. It doesn’t matter what position he plays, he understands, visually he gets it.  Kelce and him were trying to talk through the block and he was just, ‘Come on, let’s go do it.’ He’s really just a natural.”

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