The Bryan Colangelo tenure in Philadelphia has come to an end.

Colangelo and the 76ers have agreed to part ways. According to multiple sources, Colangelo resigned as the Sixers President of Basketball Operations and General Manager today.

What was found by the investigation was Colangelo's wife did in fact post from burner Twitter accounts, and then tried to hide that by a factory reset of her cell Phone before turning it over as evidence.

In the meantime, Brett Brown will take over that role, while the Sixers look to hire a new general manager.  It's interesting to note that the official statement from the Sixers said the Sixers would look to bring in a new general manager, and did not mention a President of Basketball Operations.

The Sixers have released a statement on the matter and are expected to hold a 1pm press conference, that we will carry live on 97.3 ESPN.

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