When the Eagles unloaded Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso on the Miami Dolphins the teams also swapped 1st round picks in this year's NFL Draft.  Philadelphia jumped from 13th overall to 8th overall which opens up a new world of possibilities for their 2016 1st round selection.

ESPN NFL Analyst and former NFL Executive Phil Savage said Thursday on The Sports Bash that the Eagles moved up in the Draft because they have specific players in mind:

"You don't make that move to go from 13 to 8 unless you some real legitimate targets in play. There's gotta be at least 2 or 3 players they really like and they (Eagles) think will be available at that 5, 6, 7, 8 range."

Savage went on to name a player who would make sense for the Eagles at 8th overall:

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

 "You know I think the Eagles are going to be a player on draft day. Ezekiel Elliott at choice number 8 would definitely make some sense for them. He's a really talented player. It's just a matter of do you have the philosophy in mind that you're willing to take a Running Back in the top ten of the Draft."

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