When you walk the walk, you can talk the talk, and that's exactly what the defending Super Bowl champions are doing. Known for their physical brand of defense, and never shying away from speaking their mind, the Seattle Seahawks reminded the Eagles on Sunday that on the field, they're not close to being a championship caliber opponent. Those sentiments from the Seahawks continued off the field as well. 

All-Pro Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, got the ball rolling when he told reporters after the game, that the Eagles missed former wide reciever DeSean Jackson. "I think they miss him tremendously," Sherman said of Jackson. "He was an incredible threat -- still a threat in this league. You can tell by things he's doing out there in Washington." When asked about the other wideouts in the offense, Sherman was quick to say "We never felt threatned"

Seahawks linebackers K.J. Wright and Bobby Wagner, both scoffed at the complexity of Chip Kelly's offense and tempo. Wagner told ESPN.com, "No matter how fast they ran a play, we were just on it. We knew what plays were coming and it's a pretty basic offense." K.J. Wright also pointed out to NJ.com, "I'll tell you, when I watching film, I was a little surprised how basic their offense was.", when asked about Kelly's scheme.

The final haymaker came Mark Sanchez's direction, as Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett told, Jarrett Bell of USA Today, "Tell the Philadelphia police to put an APB out. Sanchez is trying to impersonate a good quarterback.” When asked what Bennett saw in Sanchez, his response was quite poignant, “The same thing everyone else saw -- not much."

Sanchez, who had been averaging 300.5 yards a game since taking over as the starter, was coming off his most efficient game as an Eagle, where he went 20 of 29 for 217 yards and one touchdown against the Cowboys last Thursday. Those numbers seem distant, after yesterday's 10 of 20 performance for a measly 96 yards. Sanchez did throw two touchdowns, but the Interception he threw in the fourth quarter was vintage Sanchez. He looked rattled and uncomfortable all game long, as did the entire offense, which only posted a total of 139 yards.

The Seahawks have every right to squawk, they came into Lincoln Financial Field and dominated one of the NFL's top five offenses. Now the Eagles have to regather themselves, with their rematch against the Cowboys coming on Sunday night. A game that could not only determine the division, but the Eagles playoff fate.