In his four seasons as Sixers Head Coach, Brett Brown has a record of 75-253 while overseeing a team that had strategically built a roster that is devoid of quality talent to put the franchise in the best position to get high draft picks each year.  But last season the team jumped from 10 wins to 28 wins as Brown finally had a roster with more substantive talent to work with.  Now heading into the 2017-18 season, expectations are rising with high caliber talent such as Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and the 2017 NBA Draft First Overall pick.  So moving forward we get to see Brown as the coach of a team that is expected to rise from rebuild to contender soon.

ESPN Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and gave his perspective on if Brett Brown is the man for the job as Sixers Head Coach:

"I do and I really hope he gets a long time opportunity with this group because they’re not ready yet. Out of their top three players, they played 31 combined NBA games. You can’t expect him to turn it around right away; I just want to see what he’ll do with a healthy roster.  And really again if they get off to a slow start, I would give him a two year window to really evaluate how he's going to do with this group. In my opinion Brett Brown hasn’t been given a fair shake, he need to.  I think he’s a good coach, communicator, good with young player. Again I would give him a couple years to see what he could do with this group"

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