The Philadelphia Sixers will open the 2018-19 season with three their first five games on the road, per their schedule released today.

They debut, against the Boston Celtcis on Tuesday, Oct. 16, in Boston before hosting the Chicago Bulls on Thursday, Oct. 18 and the Orlando Magic on Oct. 20 — the first two games will be broadcast on TNT.  The following week, the Sixers will be in Detroit and Milwaukee.

The Sixers have 39 games on nationally-televised games on ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBATV.


OCTOBER: 8 games (4 home, 4 road)

NOVEMBER: 16 games (9 home, 7 road)

DECEMBER: 13 games (6 home, 7 road)

JANUARY: 15 games (7 home, 8 road)

FEBRUARY: 10 games (6 home, 4 road)

MARCH: 14 games (7 home, 7 road)

APRIL: 6 games (2 home, 4 road)

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