Ben Simmons is one of the most talented players in the league, but there’s a sense that the sand might be running through the hour glass on his tenure in Philadelphia.

The Sixers already locked up Joel Embiid with a super-max long-term deal, the next item on the checklist for team President Daryl Morey is the future of his polarizing All-Star, who is still with the team still, just over a month before training camp begins.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic the Sixers have "made some headway with teams".

"Both sides want the same thing, which is a trade," Charania explains. "The Sixers started conversations a few weeks before the draft with teams on which offer might be the best. At the end of the day, they don't have a deal done, but are continuing to talk to teams."

As Charania points out one of the teams that remains most interested in Simmons' services are the Minnesota Timberwovles, but they may need a third team to get involved to get a deal done.

"What I would expect would be a climax of the situation to happen closer to training camp," Charania stated. "That's when there is going to be pressure.  Are you going to want to bring Ben Simmons into training camp? Are you going to want to try and get something done before training camp? That's when we'll start to see all this stuff climax."

So far the Timberwolves or any other team has been able to put together a package that has forced Morey to pull the trigger, so they might need another team or even two to get involved for that to happen.

Either way this Simmons saga is far from over.

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