Will he or won't he?

While Sixers 2014 draft pick Dario Saric is winding down his international season, people want to know what his next move will be. He has said and there have been many reports that he plans on coming to the NBA, playing for the Sixers this coming season.

"They wanted me as soon as possible, but I have a contract with Efes," Saric said back in November. "But next summer I have a way out and I'm going to take it."

However, taking he NBA opportunity means giving up millions to get here. Staying in Turkley one more season season, means he would no longer be in the NBA rookie salary scale and then can negotiate his own contract.


"The one reason he would come over is kind of out of a loyalty stand-point because he said this was the year that he was going to come over," CSNPhilly.com Sixers insider Dei Lynam said on the Sports Bash.

"Now weather that is in his best interest - my loyalty might have to change, because financially it does not seem like a smart move for him, but we'll see. Personally if I had people surrounding me, I would wait one more year and ut your self in a really good position - you're not hurting yourself staying over there. I would try to do the best I can financially before playing in the NBA."

This week, Sixers general manager Bryan Colangelo and head coach Brett Brown are overseas to meet with Saric about his NBA plans.

Sixers fans continue to wait for the draft class of 2014 with Saric and No. 3 overall pick Joel Embiid yet to step on the court.