With the 2016 Draft rapidly approaching, the Sixers' top overall selection is a hot commodity.

Since May's Draft Lottery several teams have reached out to the Sixers to inquire about acquiring the premier pick, according to a source within the organization.

New Sixers GM Bryan Colangelo confirmed as much recently when speaking with NBA.com.

“There have been a few people that have inquired, but there hasn’t been any realistic conversation,” he stated.

It is certainly not surprising that other teams are interested in the acquisition of the top pick, as the same scenario plays out annually, but it would be extremely surprising if the Sixers moved the very pick that they have been looking to land over the course of the recent rebuild.

Colangelo made it clear that, while he is open to entertain offers, such a move likely won’t play out.

“You never say never in this business. But I would still say it's highly unlikely that the pick is in play in a deal, given the nature of this draft.”

The Sixers will be open to wheeling and dealing on draft day, but it would take something serious to pry their prized pick.

“I can’t imagine a deal coming forward that would stop us from making that selection,” Colangelo continued, hammering home his point.

The Sixers have been on the search for superstar-level talent throughout the recent rebuild, and the top pick provides potential for exactly that. Both Ben Simmons and Brandon Ingram possess potential to be franchise-caliber players, and thus it would likely take a ready-made superstar, a la Paul George, to pry the pick from the Sixers. Teams will continue to call, but it is safe to assume that Philadelphia will hold on to the pick.