Sixers Point Guard Ben Simmons is having a historic rookie season that statistically puts him in the same conversation as Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson.  Simmons averaging 7.9 Assists Per Game would tie him with Maurice Cheeks (1986-87) and Allen Iverson (2004-05) for sixth most APG in a season in 76ers franchise history.  Also Simmons this season is top five in the NBA in Total Assists (553) and Total Steals (122) while second in the league in Defensive Win Shares (4.1). Contributor Keith Smith joined The Sports Bash on Friday discussing Ben Simmons and the playoffs bound 76ers:

“He’s got his head screwed on right you can tell – He does things the right way, he’s obviously a very smart kid, he’s a smart basketball player and I think for him (what he cares about) ‘We won, I did what I did to help us win the game’ and beyond that I don’t think cares….Just being around them last night, what a fun group of guys, like they just want to play basketball, have fun, and win and that’s exactly where you want to be.  They’re a very easy group to root for.”

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