We all know Ben Simmons doesn't shoot the basketball.

Because of this, many Sixers and NBA fans have questioned if he should be considered  among the very best players in the NBA.  Simmons is a two-time All-Star, he is considered to be an elite player by people who cover the game.

Yet, some have hoped for a trade, saying if he isn't going to shoot, then he needs to go.

But Simmons has shown time-and-time again that when he is laser focused, he can be one of the games very best.

Simmons at his best was on full display on Tuesday night, finishing with 26 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists on 12-for-22 shooting from the field.  The key number there is 22, meaning Simmons showed aggression, taking the ball to the basket, and getting shots off, regardless of where they were from on the floor.

During the TNT broadcast, former NBA coach Stan Van Gundy, had some high praise for the Sixers misunderstood guard. .

"Is it possible to say that a guy going to the All-Star game like Ben Simmons is underrated? Because I think he is," Van Gundy stated during the Sixers win over the Clippers..

"I still don't think people appreciate how good a player this guy is at both ends of the floor.

"I think he's in the league of Kawhi and George as two-way players in this league."

Simmons defense was also at a high-level, but fans don't really know how to quantify that, since there really isn't any stat.  However, on the offensive-side off-the-ball, his recent numbers are clear, he is on the level of the games best players, and Sixers fans should start to take more notice.

So Van Gundy isn't wrong, Simmons is underrated, and misunderstood.

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