On Friday, the Eagles executed another trade ahead of the official start of the 2018 NFL league year.  The acquisitions of Daryl Worley along with Michael Bennett this week are moves that improve the roster while also function as ways of saving salary cap space.  Howie Roseman has stayed active after winning Super Bowl 52 unlike other teams who become stagnant, allowing their teams to take steps backwards after achieving the ultimate prize in the NFL.

'Super' Sports Agent Leigh Steinberg joined The Sports Bash on Friday discussing what makes Howie Roseman a successful Front Office Executive:

“He’s very smart, he’s mastered the (Salary) Cap so he understands instinctively…..He’s good with agents – he has good relationships and he’s able to move quickly…and (Roseman is) forward looking.  You go back and look at the trade for Carson Wentz as absolutely brilliant because the hardest thing to find in football is a franchise Quarterback and teams go forever looking – (Roseman) evaluates talent well, whether he does it himself or derivatively, but he gets the talent and picks well, he makes foresightful moves before he has to and he’s got a keen sense of value-for-value in making trades and understanding the relationship with draft picks.  He’s got a plan which is key.”

Checkout what Steinberg had to say about the Eagles winning Super Bowl 52, Maxwell Awards in Atlantic City, how agents evaluate draft prospects, and more

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