Ventnor Pirates - ACJFL photo
Ventnor Pirates - ACJFL photo

For generations, The Atlantic County Junior Football League (ACJFL) has helped to shape young minds into future great men and women.

The program continues to build character and teach the importance of hard work, dedication and striving to achieve meaningful results.

On Friday, March 25, 2022 at 6:00 p.m., The ACJFL community will come together at Bally’s Park Place Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City to celebrate 65 years of their existence.

All proceeds from this event will be used for training and enhancing player safety issues.

All through the generations, dedicated, great adults have continued to step forward to honor the overall mission.

Here’s the Mission Statement for the upcoming special event.

Atlantic County Junior Football League Celebration

To recognize, honor, and celebrate the sixty-five year success of the Atlantic County Junior Football League, and to act as a catalyst to ensure its future success, so that the

league can provide a safe and positive environment in which our young men and women can flourish.

This event will be a salute to all of the many men and women, who have materially contributed to the ACJFL and kept the great traditions alive for 6 1/2 decades.

“Our committee is proud to honor the 65 years of the Atlantic County Junior Football League League. jWe welcome the honorees, the former players, coaches, officials and cheerleaders, who have meant so much to the game we love and it is our hope the game can contribute to grow for years to come” - Joe Calvi, Jr., Chairman.

Ventnor Pirates Cheerleaders - ACJFL photo.
Ventnor Pirates Cheerleaders - ACJFL photo.

Pete Thompson will serve as the special event master of ceremonies.

Philadelphia Eagles great Ron Jaworski is the keynote speaker. Jaworski is phenomenal and inspiring public speaker.

Pete Thompson & Ron Jaworski - Pete Thompson Facebook photo.
Pete Thompson & Ron Jaworski - Pete Thompson Facebook photo.


We have learned and confirmed that Outstanding Achievement Awards will be presented to AJ Russo and Frank Fucetola.

Both are the only two Atlantic County Junior Football League coaches … who went directly to head coaching positions in high school and won state championships.

AJ  (Ventnor Pirates) at Holy Spirit High School and Frank (Hammonton) to St. Augustine and Williamstown High Schools.

AJ Russo photo - Head Coach - Holy Spirit High School - winning NJSIAA state championship
AJ Russo photo - Head Coach - Holy Spirit High School - winning NJSIAA state championship


Dino Hall, Pleasantville Tornadoes - Cleveland Browns.
Joe Callahan, Absecon Blue Devils - Green Bay Packers.
Dave Klemic, Somers Point Sharks - Kansas City Chiefs.
Terry Bradway, Venice Park Knights - New York Jets.
Brent Caprio - Indianapolis Colts.
Greg Roman, Ventnor Pirates - Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers & Buffalo Bills.
Wayne Coleman, Ventnor Pirates - New Orleans Saints.
NOTE: More will be added.

What the ACJFL will be celebrating:
65 years of positive impact

In the autumn of 1957 the Atlantic County Junior Football League exploded onto the scene just about the same time Russia was kicking off the Space Age by launching the satellite “Sputnik” into earth’s orbit. The average cost of a new house was $12,000 and gas was 24 cents a gallon.

The “baby boomer” era was in full swing and all these kids needed something to do to occupy their time. The ACJFL was there to fill the void, and the league was an instant success with ten municipalities participating in year one, and through the efforts of many dedicated people, has continued to flourish for sixty-five years.

In January of this year, a few of the former players and coaches sat down together to brainstorm and think about how the league could be honored for its success and longevity.

It was at that point a mission statement was developed to “celebrate and honor” the league and its many successful participants.

It’s also important to note that the Atlantic County Junior Football League has been a dynamic feeder system for all of the area High Schools.

The players enter High School very well prepared and well coached.

The ACJFL will be celebrating at Bally’s Hotel and Casino on Friday, March 25, 2022, and they welcome all of their valued alumni who have had an impact on the league’s enduring success.

You’ve earned it. It’s been a job well done.

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