The Philadelphia 76ers finally won their first game of the season on Tuesday night.

They picked a good opponent to do it against as it was the last time Philadelphia native Kobe Bryant would play against the Sixers.

The game was a sell-out and had an electric atmosphere to it all night long.

What started the night off was a touching tribute from the organization, who also honored legend Moses Malone at halftime with his own video tribute.

As our friends at Crossing Broad point out, the context of the video was a bit much. Kobe Bryant relished in the opportunity in playing the villain every time when returning to Philadelphia. (Who could forget the "we're going to cut your hearts" out quote in the NBA Finals) But, this is truly the last time Philadelphia will host Bryant as an opposing player so a tribute like this was in order.

Expect more tributes, standing ovations and chants like we had tonight around the NBA as the Kobe Bryant farewell tour has officially tipped off. (For better or for worse)