For a large portion of the Eagles fan base, seeing DeSean Jackson come back to Philadelphia after six years to deliver his signature home run touchdown grabs was a return to normalcy.

While he continued to connect on these deep plays with both Washington and Tampa Bay, having Jackson do it once again in midnight green?

It felt like justice. Writing a wrong that Chip Kelly caused in 2013.

Eagles fans that grew up in DeSean Jackson's first stint from 2008-13 felt like kids again, seeing the football fall from the heavens to land in his chest as defenders helplessly watch from yards away.

These are the fans that have been clamoring for Jackson's return.

For another section of fans, young fans that weren't old enough to truly appreciate the deep threat the first time around, this was a warm welcome to the DeSean Jackson experience.

Fans born in the mid-2000s, lets say for instance 2006, were two when Jackson was drafted. They were just seven years old when he was released.

Six years later, at 13 years old, it is a lot easier to be entertained and truly appreciate the special talent wearing #10.

To appreciate that at any moment, he could change the momentum of the game with one catch.

That is exactly what they witnessed on Sunday.

No one has done it more times 60+ yards down the field and outside of Jerry Rice, there isn't a WR in history that has as many 50+ yard touchdowns.

Just six away from the record, there is a good chance those fans will get to witness a milestone of their own.

These fans, in the glory days where the die hards truly develop into lifelong fans, get to witness perhaps an even better DeSean Jackson.

A more mature one as well.

In the first quarter, the 32-year old WR found himself in a scuffle with Redskins CB Quinton Dunbar who made contact with Jackson's helmet after the whistle.

A flag was thrown for retaliation but even in a moment of immaturity, there was maturity.

During his first stint in Philadelphia, the punches could have continued to be thrown, causing an ejection from the game.

In that scenario on Sunday, there would have been two touchdowns, and a halftime speech from Jackson taken away.

Three of the most crucial elements in the Eagles comeback win as Philadelphia whent on to erase a 17-0 deficit.

His maturity, on top of vastly improved route running, and the continuation of his world-class speed, makes for an even better DeSean Jackson that this new era of fans get to enjoy.

Enjoy the ride.

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