Howie Roseman's official title is Executive Vice President/General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles; But despite being the "man in charge" when the franchise won their first Super Bowl Championship, he is still a controversial figure among football fans.  During Roseman's two tenures as the final decision maker, the Eagles have drafted players such as Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Carson Wentz, and Dallas Goedert along with being an excellent handler of the Salary Cap which has put Philadelphia in a position to be a contender every year since 2016.

The Athletic conducted their second annual survey of contract negotiators and player representatives, 30 NFL Player reps were asked: Among NFL General Managers or Front-Office Leaders, who is the smartest?  Well the Eagles' Howie Roseman got the most votes and here is what one Player Rep had to say about Roseman:

“If I was gonna go into the lab and build a GM, it’s a guy that can deal with the media, a guy that knows personnel and a guy that knows money. Those are the three things. Howie Roseman is a guy who I think is very good with the media from what I can tell. I know that he knows the money game very well. And I’ve known him for 15-18 years and he’s worked incredibly hard to learn football and how to evaluate to the point now where he’s really good. I give him a lot of credit that he can handle all three parts of the job.”

Another NFL Player Rep talked about Roseman's talents as a roster builder:

“He knows how to put teams together. And he’s working with a limited amount in terms of the cap. He knows how to maneuver and get players that he feels like will fit the scheme even if he doesn’t have to pay them top dollar. He’s very smart in terms of chess moves. I’m not a huge fan. I will say that, as well. But he knows what he’s doing in terms of putting things together.”

Interesting perspective from those who have to negotiate with and deal with Howie Roseman on behalf of their clients.  Earlier this year, released their NFL General Manager Power Rankings and they had Eagles' Howie Roseman in fourth place:

Making the playoffs in back-to-back seasons despite being one of the most injury-plagued teams in football proves that Roseman is resourceful, if unlucky. The identity of the Eagles -- strong up front on both sides of the ball -- remains intact, as does the need for a productive young receiver and improvement in the secondary. For the first time in years, Philly has cap space (even after the savvy pickups of Darius Slay and Javon Hargrave) and a full assortment of draft picks. Don't be shocked if the Eagles still have one more big move left in them.

Whether it is NFL Player Representatives or those in the NFL Media, Howie Roseman is considered to be among the top tier NFL General Managers, that is something Eagles fans can take pride in.

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