Could Sixers head coach Brett Brown be on the hot seat, without playing games?

Many felt this team was built for the playoffs, but what if they never get to make a playoff run?  Could a disappointing regular season, filed with injuries, a clunky roster configuration and new faces, be enough to seal Brown's fate?

Many in league circles believe that Brown is on the hot seat, including John Hollinger from The Athletic, who notes the Sixers are in a tough spot with the current landscape of the league being on hiatus, and potentially not returning.

More awkwardly, what does a playoff team like the Sixers do? While most insiders think Brett Brown’s seat is somewhere between unseasonably warm and inferno hot, it would be extremely awkward for the Sixers to potentially launch into a July playoff run with a brand new head coach and little lead time. But after the season, will there be enough time to execute a proper change? And will other teams have already poached the best targets?

Brown is under contract as Sixers coach through the 2021-22 season. Would the Sixers ownership group want to pay Brown to go away, while paying a new coach to come coach the team, given the current economic climate and lost revenue from games missed?

If you cut ties with Brown, you almost certainly have to pay his successor more money to come in a coach a team that has championship aspirations.

With all this being said, the Sixers are in a very difficult position with their under achieving team.


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