With Wildwood's Frank Vogel no longer employed by the Indiana Pacers, there are numerous questions about his future.  Also there are questions about the future of 76ers Head Coach Brett Brown with new management in charge of the team's Front Office.  ESPN NBA Insider Amin Elhassan, who is former Phoenix Suns Assistant Director of Basketball Operations, joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday and gave his perspective on Frank Vogel's future:

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat
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"What I said when it happened was Frank Vogel's going to end up coaching a better roster, probably in a better city, and making more money than he made in Indiana. That's the truth. Whatever your criticisms of the Indiana Pacers is, I find it hard to believe that the source of that criticism would start around coaching. To me it starts around that roster. You have a guy like LaVoy Allen, I know he's a Philly (Temple) guy, but LaVoy Allen is not a starter in this league! Good player, solid player, but once you start with something like that then you're asking someone with a very flawed roster to do better offensively. It's just such a silly demand given the lack of talent they have. Obviously Paul George is a great player but he's not a particularly efficient player, he's not a lights out shooter, he's not Klay Thompson shooting the ball....I think Frank Vogel's going to end up on his feet."

Elhassan was asked about the possibility of Vogel being the next coach of the 76ers if the team moves on from Brett Brown:

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat
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"I think Coach (Brett) Brown, I don't know if anyone could look at the job he did and say 'Oh this team is a mess, it was the coach's fault", no he can only coach what you give him. And so Bryan Colangelo, it looks like from what we know about Bryan, is going to be pretty aggressive about getting this team better right away. So Coach Brown's going to have a lot more talent next year than he's had his entire tenure there. But then once that time hits, you've got talent, then that excuse goes out the window, then you have to show improvement. I think we all hope for him cause he is such a good guy and made extrodinary juice out of the lemons he was handed. I don't know if I would call it lemonade but he did a great job given the circumstances he was put it. But he's going to probably have to show improvement and if not, maybe it is Frank Vogel, maybe it is someone else."

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