In the aftermath of Jay Wright removing his name from the 76ers Head Coaching Search and the Brooklyn Nets hiring Steve Nash as their next Head Coach, there are many people who cover the NBA and the 76ers who believe Tyronn Lue could be the favorite to become the next Head Coach in Philadelphia.  Lue, who is currently an Assistant Coach with the Los Angeles Clippers, was very successful as the Head Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers with a 128-83 Regular Season record and reached the NBA Finals three straight years, winning the NBA Title in 2016.  Lue has the distinction of being one of only two NBA Head Coaches who has won an NBA Title with LeBron James.  According to an ESPN The Magazine expose and the book "Return of the King", Lue held LeBron James accountable when most Head Coaches seems afraid or unwilling to speak up to the Four-Time NBA MVP.

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Co-Host of The NBA Podcast and Forbes Sports NBA Writer Bryan Toporek joined Josh Hennig on Saturday with perspective on what Tyronn Lue would bring to the Sixers that makes him an improvement over Brett Brown:

"Kevin Love on a recent podcast said  (Tyronn Lue) was a great X's and O's guy, great for (the Cavaliers) development. - Ty Lue is not afraid to experiment during the regular season....We saw last year with Nick Nurse through out the Raptors (NBA) title run that Nick Nurse is not afraid to experiment and sometimes its going to cost you a couple regular season wins - but if you are willing and able to do that, that gives you the confident in the playoffs to say 'Hey you know what, this matchup isn't great for us, we can't stick to our base scheme.'  I think one of the things that was Brett (Brown's) undoing this year was the Sixers played Drop Coverage on defense which means Joel Embiid hangs back near the rim, which makes sense (because) he's a great shot blocker, you want to use that to your advantage.  But when Guards can dribble around the screen that's going to leave them with an open mid-range pull up shot and we saw that against the Celtics: Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum were getting whatever they wanted because the Sixers stuck to that Drop (Defensive) Scheme.  Ty Lue will, in theory, be more willing to experiment with different defensive coverages based on opponent, so I think that should also make pretty attractive to the Sixers."

Hear what Toporek had to say about Sixers issues with accountability this season, why he 76ers need to get a contract done with Tyronn Lue sooner than later, along with perspective on why Bucks and Lakers are both down in their series.

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