With the 26th overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft, the Sixers selected Furkan Korkmaz, a Shooting Guard from Turkey who played on the same team as Dario Saric in Europe.  In 2016-17 Korkmaz played in 41 Games where he shot 43.7 percent from Three Point Range and averaged 9.29 Points Per Game while being named the Best Young Player of the Basketball Champions League.

Philadelphia Daily News Sixers Beat Writer Bob Cooney joined Mike Gill on Wednesday with the latest on Korkmaz and the Sixers:

"There’s some issues because the Sixers own his rights but they have to buy him out of his contract. There’s some legal things they have to work out there but there’s also a chance that he could go play for his national team at the same time. Bryan Coangelo said I would rather him play for his national team which is unbelievably good competition, older players and would be able to really get experience there, which is great. But Coangelo said also like him to be in the Summer League with (Sixers) where (they) can really see him. So it’ll be interesting what happens....I think yesterday he got here and they said he was going to get acclimated with coaches and different things like that, today and through the next few days....He’s put on some weight, filled out, 6’6" shooter, one of those guys you’re hoping they can just put on a wing and when those fast breaks come he’s the guy to catch and shoot and go from there. It’s a need that they have to fill and they’re hoping that maybe he can be one of the guys that does it."

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