NBA Free Agency has been moving at a fast pace with plenty of player movement but the 76ers have not been able to land many free agents so far.  The Sixers have seen Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilysasova depart which made resigning JJ Redick even more important to keep the perimeter shooting the team is dependent upon to spread the floor for Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.  After resigning Redick, Sixers still have approximately 14 Million left in Salary Cap space to use this offseason to retool the roster around their young superstar ahead of the 2018-19 season.

Bucks County Courier Times Sports Columnist Tom Moore joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday discussing what options the Sixers still have with the players still available in free agency:

“They need to bring in somebody like Wayne Ellington, Philly guy from Episcopal Academy played for the (Miami) Heat last year – scorer, wing athlete, 31 years old, he could really help (Sixers) off the bench.  Jamal Crawford is another guy, he’s a little but older but the same thing (that) kind of instant offense off the bench….They really need to add some pieces – I’d like to see them get more of an interior defender, more of a physical presence in somebody like Kyle O’Quinn because when (Joel) Embiid leaves the floor the level of the defense just drops off immediately and teams can just go right down the lane….So they do have some needs to address and I think what’s happening here is maybe the Sixers weren’t as far along in the rest of the league’s eyes as it seemed like they were here in Philly, let’s put it that way in terms of people wanting to come here, willing to come here for less (money).”

Hear what Moore had to say about the Sixers meeting with LeBron James representatives, the potential for the 76ers to trade for Kawhi Leonard, status of Markelle Fultz for next season, and more

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