Last week two new names emerged in the Sixers’ hunt for a head coach. One of those names was NBA Hall of Famer Jason Kidd. Although there is a lot Kidd could bring to the Sixers, the front office should pursue other avenues when searching for their head coach.

Kidd has spent this season as an assistant coach for the Lakers and has five years of head coaching experience prior. Despite having good amounts of talent on his rosters his coaching record does not reflect it.

In five seasons as a head coach Kidd has a record of 183-190 and a playoff record of 9-15. The most number of games he has won in a season as a head coach is 44 and that was his first year coaching the Brooklyn Nets.

The only real positive Kidd would bring as a coach would be what he could do for Ben Simmons. In his time coaching the Bucks Kidd experimented with Giannis Antetokounmpo and was a big part of his emergence. Giannis has even credited Kidd with helping his game reach new heights.

That being said, Kidd could potentially be a coach that could help Ben Simmons take the next step. Kidd’s basketball IQ and his experience as a premier NBA point guard could do wonders for Simmons as he prepares to enter his prime. Not to mention shooting was also a weak part of Kidd’s game during his time as a player, so if anyone is going to help Simmons overcome that weak area of his game it might be Kidd.

Along with helping Giannis, Kidd has played a role in helping LeBron James this season as well. It is no coincidence that in his first season on the Lakers’ coaching staff that LeBron led the league in assists per game and posted a new career-high in that stat.

Outside of what he could do for Simmons, there isn’t much else that makes Kidd an enticing choice for the head coaching position. His struggles in the playoffs are a red flag and he hasn’t had much success coaching talent. Kidd was fired from coaching the Bucks for not meeting expectations.

As the Sixers look to bounce back from what most are calling a failed season, bringing in a coach who has had trouble meeting expectations does not sound like the best move. Not to mention after just getting swept in the playoffs hiring a coach who has only won four of his last 12 playoff games is not the best move.

The Sixers cannot afford to mess up who they choose to be their next head coach. Kidd would be an interesting pick to fill out the coaching staff, but naming him to be the head coach is questionable. His track record as a head coach brings up a lot of concerns. Between being a .500 coach in the regular season at best and minimal success in the postseason, Kidd is not one of the top choices to take over coaching the Sixers.

Kevin McCormick is the 76ers insider for 97.3 ESPN and 76ers editor for Follow him on Twitter @KevinMcC973.

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