The Eagles were reported to have interest in free agent defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, who remains on the market following a solid year, but injured filled with the Seattle Seahawks.

However, unless Clowney is willing to accept a one-year deal with the Eagles, it appears the Eagles aren't interested said Adam Caplan of Inside the Birds on Football at Four.

"The Eagles are not interested," Caplan reported. "They found out what he wanted and that was a non-starter."

It was reported back on May 6 that Clowney has an asking price of around $17 million to $18 million annually.

"Unless he wants a one-year deal at significantly reduced price, probably under $10-million, or no more than $10-million, I don't think the Eagles would make the call," Caplan stated.

Caplan outlined one of the big reason the Eagles aren't being aggressive in their pursuit of Clowney. In addition to his potential price-tag, his injury history is also a red flag, as the Eagles are trying to avoid players with an injury history.

"Their done with bringing guys in who have a significant injury history," Caplan said. "They're just not going to do it - unless its too good to pass up."

Back in February, Clowney had sports-hernia surgery, the same injury that ended DeSean Jackson's season.  He has since declared himself 100% recovered, but he can't meet with teams face-to-face because of the cornoavirus.

One of the reasons the Eagles would have to try to convince Clowney to take a one-year deal is their cap situation for 2021. While the team has the cap space to bring Clowney in for 2020, they have a lot of cap issues after this season.

"13 players account for $220-million in cap-space next year," Caplan explained. "They're going to have a cap issue."

The biggest issue coming down the road is the Eagles have back-loaded so many contracts in what is commonly referred to has 'dummy years'.  Dummy years are essentially years that do not exist in reality, but for salary cap purposes, they spread out the signing bonus.

"This is the first time I can remember in Howie Roseman's career that he has a real challenge (with the cap)," Caplan said. "It's going to be fascinating."