While the news of Markelle Fultz ankle injury made the most news on Saturday night, it might have been Ben Simmons words that had the biggest impact.

Simmons said during ESPN's telecast on Sunday that he's resumed playing 5-on-5.

"I'm good, I've been getting up-and-down, 5-on-5," Simmons said during the Sixers vs.Warriors game on Sunday night. "Just trying to get back to how I was playing, I'm doing well."

Simmons missed all of last season with a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone of his right foot, also known as a Jones fracture in his foot.

Speaking for the first time in awhile on Sunday night, he sounded like a guy who is ready to step on the floor without any limitations come training camp. Simmons was asked by ESPN's Jeff Goodman, how frustrating it is to be in Vegas watching summer league when he is able to play, but still sitting out on the sidelines watching.

"It's frustrating," Simmons admitted.  "But I know I have a long season ahead of me, i'm just looking forward to getting in the gym and getting better."

As far as what is role will be, much of the talk has centered around Simmons playing the point guard or a point forward position - and he sounded like he wasn't backing off that.

"Coach wants to start me at the point," Simmons explained. "I think once we get into the flow of things, whoever gets the rebound, we're just going - we'll be a quick paced team."

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