The 76ers are building for the future and there is focus on this coming offseason with the NBA Draft and NBA Free Agency with Jerry Colangelo overseeing their Front Office. 76ers Insider and USA Today NBA Draft Analyst Derek Bodner joined The Sports Bash to discuss the impact of Colangelo for Philadelphia:

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"This offseason will be different, I do think Jerry Colangelo will help. Where I disagreed with Chris (Broussard) is just whether or not the Sixers will have to overpay. There are really two ways to attract a Free Agent, its either with money or its with a chance to win. And you look at some of the Free Agents, especially the Restricted Free Agents, they're not going to look at the Sixers and see a clear path to winning. They're not going to look at Joel Embiid or Okafor or even Ben Simmons because everyone really recognizes it takes a couple years for young kids to really hit their own. So I think in order to attract any Free Agents of any real caliber you are probably going to have to overpay."

Bodner went on the explain in what way Philadelphia should overpay:

"Overpay based on their current market value and not overpay based on what they can become and what they can grow into or maybe a change in environment or be used a different way. Using analytics maybe see someone who is underrated or Jerry's experience as a scouter and team builder to find a guy who has more untapped potential than what other people think."

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