With the Cleveland Caviliers set to face the Sixers in a very important late season game, plenty of speculation continues to swirl about the future of LeBron James.

Count Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum, as someone who thinks the Sixers are a viable option for King James if and when he hits free agency.

He’s always calculated about his decision-making process going back to his youth. Ben [Simmons] is his young guy. Ben is a member of Klutch Sports, so that also could play a factor.

Philly is in the Eastern Conference. LeBron has been fond of the Eastern Conference throughout his career on what seems to be his EZ-Pass to the Finals.

I think it’s a bigger possibility than people think. I’m not sure if they have the space financially for that. Obviously, they have a lot of guys on rookie deals right now. But they would need to get some more shooters in there if they do want to bring Bron in.

When push comes to shove, the Sixers just might be most attractive team for James, they reside in the eastern conference, which at the moment is wide-open.

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