More details are coming out about what led up to the resignation of Sam Hinkie from the 76ers, why it happened, who caused it, and what events let to Hinkie's decision to write a 13 page letter to Sixers' ownership.

Bob Cooney of Philadelphia Daily News said Thursday Afternoon that all of this started when the NBA paired Sixers' owner Josh Harris with Jerry Colangelo:

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

"When the NBA got involved, Harris felt he had to do something when he brought in Colangelo. And once that was done, we all know Jerry Colangelo wasn't brought in here to listen to Sam Hinkie's ideas and shake his head yes or no. Jerry Colangelo hasn't been second fiddle in 35, 40 years so you knew he was coming in to run the show.."

Cooney went on to tell about what happened in the hours before Hinkie sent out his resignation letter to ownership:

"Sam Hinkie had a meeting with the whole (Sixers) ownership group yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon in New York. Met with them, they discussed things, went on a long time. Sam Hinkie left there, shook everybody's' hand and said goodbye without a hint of saying he was leaving the team. He then went wherever he went and fired of this, which I'm sure was already pretty much prepared statement to the Owners to say 'I'm out'. So that's what I mean how the dynamics are so strange."

Hear what Cooney had to say about the job Hinkie did in his short time in Philadelphia along with his thoughts on where the 76ers go from here with Jerry and Bryan Colangelo in charge