When the Sixers were eliminated from the playoffs in a sweep from the Boston Celtics, it was clear the team's issues were deeper than fit concerns on the floor. After the game four defeat, now former Sixer Josh Richardson came out and said that there were accountability issues in the locker room.

Fast forward a few months and the Sixers have done a complete makeover from top to bottom. Between a new coaching staff and supporting cast, the Sixers are going to look drastically different from how they looked inside the bubble this past summer.

Although there is a lot of excitement about this new-look team on the floor, the focus will be on how they operate off the court. Mainly if new head coach Doc Rivers will be able to fix the issues this team has struggled with in recent years.

After hearing some of the players speak on Friday, it seems the necessary changes are being made. Ben Simmons kicked things off and agreed that the Sixers had accountability issues last season.

We weren't in a position to go in that bubble and win, our mindset was off.

Simmons would later dive into head coach Doc Rivers and the positive impacts he has had both on and off the floor. One thing he brought up was an establishment of accountability and an increase in the seriousness around the team.

The maturity has definitely risen with the team.

Tobias Harris would speak later in the day and back up a lot of what Simmons had to say. As we know Harris played under Rivers in LA, and he did not hide his excitement of playing under his former coach again.

I know what he brings to the table, he's gonna hold us accountable. Gonna be someone to motivate and push us to get where we want to go.

Despite the quick turnaround between seasons, it seems like it has not taken long for Rivers to impact this roster. Based on how players have spoken about him, it seems like he was won over his new locker room.

After all the work the organization went through to revamp things from top to bottom, it sounds like the players understand the opportunity they have in front of them. Like Simmons, Harris also brought up that things feel different around the team this year as opposed to the past.

There's a seriousness and a true vibe in the gym already of we have something to prove.

Things continue to look and sound like they are going in the right direction for the Sixers. After a lackluster finish last season, the team looks poised to change the narrative about them. Rivers and the coaching staff seem to have already instilled a competitive spirit into this team.

Sadly, we will not know the full impact that Rivers has had until the real action kicks off. But it looks like he has already begun to address the glaring locker room concerns that have held this team back in the past.

Kevin McCormick is the 76ers insider for 97.3 ESPN and 76ers editor for Sportstalkphilly.com. Follow him on Twitter @KevinMcC973.

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