Desmond Bane is a sharpshooting guard out of TCU. He is coming off a senior season where he averaged 16.6 PPG, 6.3 RPG, and 3.9 APG. Bane is a guy who has been tied to the Sixers in a lot of draft talks and would be a seamless fit on their roster.

The key part of Bane's game is his shooting from deep. In his final college season, he shot a stellar 44.2% from three on 6.5 attempts a game. Bane moves well without the ball and shoots great off the catch and coming around screens.

Being a four-year player in college usually deters teams from drafting players, but it is something the Sixers have not had an issue with. Bane has grown his game in each year during his college career, and now has a polished set of skills that can help an NBA team on day one.

Along with all that he can bring on offense, Bane also has real three-and-D potential at the NBA level. At six foot six and 215 pounds, he has a frame that is ready to go against other NBA athletes. Bane's size can also help him defend multiple positions.

One player that Bane draws a lot of comparison to is Houston Rocket's guard Eric Gordon. This comparison is almost spot-on as both are guards who are lethal on the outside but still can put the ball on the floor and get to the rim.

It is no secret that the Sixers have missed JJ Redick since he left in free agency. Not having a reliable shooter on the outside has greatly impacted the Sixers' spacing. That being said, the Sixers could have their sharpshooter of the future in Desmond Bane if he falls to them on draft night.

Bane is a guy that the Sixers could bring in and put him in all the same situations as they did with Redick in his time here. Whether it's flying down the wings in transition for easy quick threes or working in the dribble handoff with Joel Embiid, he could become the next sharpshooter for the Sixers.

Desmond Bane is the kind of prospect that checks about every box for the Sixers in what they need. At 22 years old Bane is developed and mature enough to come into a contending situation, and the Sixers need as many three-and-D wings as they can get to add to the bench.

There is a lot to like about what Bane could bring to the Sixers if drafted to Philadelphia. His name should be at the top of the Sixers' draft board heading into the draft.

Kevin McCormick is the 76ers insider for 97.3 ESPN and 76ers editor for Follow him on Twitter @KevinMcC973.

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