Trust the Process or hate the process.

It's been a heated debate since the day Sam Hinkie was hired and tore apart a Sixers team that was stuck in NBA purgatory.

One of the players that was a part of the last Sixers team to win a playoff series, back in 2102 against the Chicago Bulls was new Delaware 87ers GM Elton Brand. He joined the Sports Bash on Tuesday and talked about the direction of the organization.

"One game changed the trajectory of a franchise," Brand said.

The Sixers eighth seeded Sixers had upset the injury-riddled top-seeded Bulls and then pushed the Boston Celtic to seven games in the second round. Brand believes if the Sixers win that game; the Process is never born.

"As an executive, as I am seeing, you don't want to be in the middle," Brand admitted. "You don't want to be stuck in the middle like these teams, you want to have huge upside - you want to win big and bring the city of Philadelphia a championship."

"Even though we let a lot of talent go, I understand from their side that they're trying to shoot for the moon,"

Brand mentioned the Andrew Bynum experiment that didn't work out, but wondered what would have happened if they team had beaten Boston in that game seven.

"They keep that team together," Brand predicted.

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