June 26, 2014 was supposed to be the start of the Sixers rebuild.

They selected 7-foot-2 Cameroonian-born player, Joel Embiid, who was supposed to change the franchise - problem was on June 20 Embiid had surgery on his foot, an injury that has forced him to miss the last two full seasons.

After two years of instagram videos, tweeter videos, and pre-game warm-ups Joel Embiid has declared himself ready to play.

"Yep," Embiid told me when I asked him if he was going to play in the Sixers preseason opener Oct. 4 vs. Boston.

When asked if he planned on starting he said: "That's up to Coach Brown."

"He's really comfortable," Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil told me.  "He's been playing a lot of five-on-five."

O'Neil told me he was recently talking to current Sixer Robert Covington, who has been playing this offseason with Embiid.

"He said, he's going to be a problem," referring to Covington about Embiid. "For the rest of the league."

Here is my conversation with both Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid from the Sixers Beach Bash.

Listen to Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil discuss the direction of the franchise.