The 76ers have insisted that the hiring of Bryan Colangelo to fill the void after Sam Hinkie's resignation had nothing to do with Jerry Colangelo, who is still in house as a Special Advisor to Owner Joshua Harris. 

But NBA Insider Alex Kennedy said on The Sports Bash Monday afternoon that Jerry Colangelo's presence in Philadelphia for the last few months has affected everything for the Sixers:

"I definitely think that Jerry Colangelo's presence affected things here. There's no question that Bryan Colangelo has experience and he's someone that has come up for other jobs as well. So it's not like this is completely out of left field and Bryan Colangelo has no experience or something like that. Bryan has done a decent job as a GM in the past even though he's made some questionable moves. But I do think Jerry did play a role in this."

Kennedy went on to say that Colangelo changed the course of the team when Sixers' ownership chose Hinkie years ago because he was not a traditional NBA guy:

San Antonio Spurs v Philadelphia 76ers
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"Initially whenever Jerry was brought in people wondered about Sam Hinkie's future, we really saw around that time that Sam kind of lost control and wasn't really able to call the shots. And I was kinda surprised the Sixers did that just because whenever they initially went with Sam they chose him over some other more traditional candidates and it seemed like the plan was they were going to give him five years to kind of go down this path and collect assets and collect draft picks. I think to abandon it now doesn't make much sense, I think if you do something like this you go all the way in and go for the full five years and let him use the assets that he kind of stockpiled. So it was kind of strange."

Listen to what Kennedy had to say about the differences in approach between Jerry Colangelo and Sam Hinkie, if what Hinkie did was successful and find out who Kennedy would have picked to replace Hinkie instead of Bryan Colangelo