With the NBA Draft less than one week away, the Sixers are finally looking at some prospects to take with the No. 3 overall pick on Thursday night.

Yesterday in Camden the team worked out Kentucky guard Malik Monk, considered by many to by the top shooting guard in this years crop, in a private workout with Sixers coaches.

"We know that he can shoot the ball and we were excited to see that," Sixers vice-president of basketball administration Brandon Williams said. We wanted to challenge him in some other ways. This would be the first time that the shooter has done so much defense in a workout. But it's really important to see a full suite of skills."

So is Monk a guy the Sixers would consider at No. 3?

No likely, but it's certainly one of many possibilities, but the more likely scenario is Monk would be a target if they team moved out of that draft position, deeper into the first round of the draft.

Many project Monk to play off-the-ball, and with the Sixers planning on using Ben Simmons as their primary ball handler, he thinks he'd fit in fine in Philadelphia.

"Ben's here, he's a great passer," Monk told reporters. "I can play on the ball, off the ball, and I think they need a shooter like this. Like me, like Terrance Ferguson, anybody that can shoot the ball. I don't want to name call or anything like that but I think I'm a perfect fit."

One of the things the Sixers need is outside shooting, that's no secret, the team ranked 24 out of 30 NBA teams in three-point shooting.  They've been one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the league in recent years, in a league where hitting three's is just as prevalent as making layups.

That's exactly the role Monk says he can fill.

"Shooting, of course," Monk said when asked what his strength is to his game. "Coming off ball screens, reading the screens, fading, curling anything like that, I think I'm good at."

Monk told reporters that he did what the team asked him to do during his private workout, but one thing he wants people to know is he is more than just a shooter.

"I think I can do both," Monk explained about where he sees himself in the NBA. "Combo, on and off the ball."

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