The 2015-2016 season ended for the Sixers with 10 wins and a new President of Basketball Operations.  The Colangelos are in power and Sam Hinkie has left town but NBC Sports NBA Analyst Chris Mannix says that the Sixers could still become what Hinkie envisioned for this team:

Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

"There's no doubt that they are in a better position now then perhaps they were a couple of years ago when this rebuilding process first started. They got a treasure trove of assets and you look at what the roster could be at this time next year with Joel Embiid coming back and looking like the guy that he was at Kansas which was an invisible force in some ways. Possibly getting Ben Simmons, possibly if Lakers pick goes their way getting a guy like Kris Dunn. I mean this could be exactly what Sam Hinkie envisioned, especially if Dario Saric comes over and looks like, say, the next Toni Kukoc which is certain in the realm of possibility. I just think what Hinkie did wrong was not adding veterans like Elton Brand himself or Ish Smith himself. Guys that may not influence winning per say but could be positive influences in a young locker room. That was something he overlooked, its something (Jerry) Colangelo wanted to do and it's why Coalngelo and his son Bryan are ultimately in positions of power right now in the organization. So I still think this Hinkie process, if you will, has a great chance of succeeding there were things he could've done better that I think would've kept him his job."

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