One of the most popular individual sports in the world, Tennis in the United States is one of the sports that has grown in popularity in recent years.  Like Golf, Tennis is a great outdoor activity to play with friends or competitively.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 Lockdowns, people were looking for activities to do that allowed for "Social Distancing".  Combine that reality with the rise of sports betting in recent years, people are paying attention to Tennis more on TV as well.

The summertime is the time of year that we get to see two of Tennis' Major Tournaments: Wimbleton played on the grass courts in England and the US Open played on the hard courts in New York City. created a data points system to measure what are the best states to play Tennis based on:

-Number of Tennis Courts and Clubs versus state population
-Cost of Tennis Court Rentals to Play
-Number of Training Camps and Tennis Programs
-Number of Competitive Tournaments

Where does New Jersey Rank for Tennis in America?

Based on the combination of all data points, created Rankings Based on Total Scores, and New Jersey is tied for Fifth Best State for Tennis Fans and Players

According to their scoring system, New Jersey has the best Competitive Tournaments in the United States and Sixth Best Value for the cost of using Tennis Courts/Clubs around the state

What hurt New Jersey's overall Tennis score was they were ranked in the bottom third in the United States for their Facilities, having much fewer Tennis Courts and Clubs open to the public compared to neighboring states like Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The top overall ranked Tennis state in America for Tennis players and fans is Delaware.  Thanks to high scores for Facilities per population, Value of Tennis Courts, and Club Costs, Delaware also received the best scores for Tennis Training and Coaching availability.

We should note that in South Jersey there are places where Tennis Courts used to be located have been replaced with Pickleball Courts, a game that is a variant of Tennis. So one could argue with the rapid growth of Pickleball in the United States, that has become an alternative for people to play a game with less running and lateral movement compared to Tennis

Either way, New Jersey is a great state to grab a racket and hit the ball over the net.  Here are some other reasons why you shouldn't want to move out of New Jersey:

Why You Shouldn't Move Out of New Jersey

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