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Here is today’s show: Monday April 28th, 2014

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Rick Tocchet

Pre and post game analyst Rick Tocchet called in to talk about the Flyers weekend which saw them win Game 4, but lose Game 5 yesterday. The Flyers are now down 3-2 in the series and have to win tomorrow night in Game 7. Tocc said that he's not very impressed by the Rangers thus far: "They're not invincible, just playing a little bit better right now." Tocc also said that not one Flyers player has stood out this series meaning everyone has to step up in Game , or else they'll be heading home. Follow Tocc on Twitter.

Chip Kelly Speaks

For the first time since the release of DeSean Jackson, we heard from Chip Kelly. It wasnt at the Novacare complex, nor was it an official press conference, but he spoke to reporters nonetheless at a charity event. Kelly answered all questions on DJAX release saying that it was a 'football decision only.' How could it be a football decision when DJAX had a career year under the Eagles head coach and went to the Pro Bowl? Kelly answers that here:

Todd Zolecki

Came on here to talk about the Phillies 6-4 road trip out west and what he's seen from the team the first 25 games so far. Mike Gill and Zo spent much time on the Phillies bullpen and how that has actually prevented them from being even better right now. Jeff Manship and Shawn Camp are players that should not be on this roster right now and perhaps someone like Ken Giles could be on their way up here. Giles is in AA right now and has 100 mph fastball speed. The Phillies want him to show more consistency before calling him up so his confidence remains.

It's a Monday edition if top tweets!

Jeff McLane

Was at the Chip Kelly/Jeff Lurie press conferences today and heard all the comments about it being just 'a football decision.' McLane said that he doesn't believe Kelly or Jeff Lurie when they say that. McLane says that it is now clear that Kelly is the final decision maker on the roster and he will give the thumbs up or thumbs down. Follow McLane on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. Two websites: Deadspin and TMZ break the biggest story in the NBA in years. What does it tell you about the major media outlets nowadays?

2. Is this a career making or breaking decision for Adam Silver right now?

3.Would you say that the Phillies are more likely or less likely to make the playoffs after 25 games?

4. Three reasons why the Flyers are down 3-2 in this series?

5. Just how bad is Freddy Galvis batting average .033, 1 out of his last 30?