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Here is today’s show: Thursday April 24th 2014

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Dave Isaac

Flyers were back on the ice today preparing for Game 4 at the WFC tomorrow night. It was announced that Steve Mason will be your starter in Game 4, he'll be returning from an injury he suffered more than 10 days ago against the Penguins. Isaac said that no matter who is in net, this series is not 2-1 Rangers because of goal tending. The Flyers have to get right on the offensive end, having 7 20 goal scorers. Follow Isaac on Twitter.  

Jimmy Kempski

The Eagles schedule was released last night for the 2014 season and it includes some wrinkles. The Eagles will play on Thanksgiving Day at Dallas, this hasn't happened since 1989...it will be Bounty Bowl 3.0. Kempski remembers last season where the Eagles were able to miss Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo on the schedule, two breaks that were added to an already easier schedule. In 2014, the schedule is much tougher so the Eagles will have to improve if they want to get back to 10 wins, says Kempski.

Dave Maloney

Mike Gill has been championing the fact that Steve Mason should have either started Game 3 to begin with, OR started the 3rd period when the team was down 3-1. If Mason was dressed and ready to be the backup, why not start him to begin with as he is the better goalie. Maloney said that the Rangers weren't really a shot-blocking team, but they sure blocked much more than usual in Game 3. Maloney also thinks that if the Flyers could learn how to score on the PP, or if Claude Giroux could start scoring goals...none of this would even be an issue.

Scott Wright

President of Draft Countdown called in to talk about the NFL Draft which is just about 2 weeks away. His latest mock draft is out and there is a surprise at first overall. Also, could the Eagles be looking at a certain LSU wide receiver?

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It's a Thursday edition of top tweets!

KC Joyner

The Football Scientist will break down the WR class in this 2014 NFL Draft next month. Joyner says that at least 8 wide receivers have a first round 'talent' grade, but all wont go on the first night. Watkins, Evans and Cooks get his highest grade.

5 Questions

1. Aldon Smith had his LAX charge reduced, does it change anything?

2. Kiper on Clowney?

3. How about Evan Mathis and his 'Richard Simmons' comments?

4. Would you legalize pine tar or something similar?

5.Thoughts on Wil Nieves on Tinder?