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Here is today’s show: Wednesday April 23rd 2014

Kenny Albert

Called the game for the Rangers Radio Network last night where he saw the Rangers take a 2-1 series lead thanks to a 4-1 victory over the Flyers. Albert agreed that the Rangers defense is smothering at times and last night displayed their ability to block 28 shots that the Flyers sent their way. Albert also chimed in about the struggles of Claude Giroux and said that he is passing up good shots at times and trying to make a play for his teammates. That's not always the best choice, as LeBron James will tell you.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

2014 NFL Schedule

Mike & Todd put a wager to see who can get more right about the Eagles schedule that's getting released tonight. Weeks and times must match. Bye week included.

Stan Van Gundy

Former coach of the Magic and Heat, now with NBC Sports Radio SVG called in to talk about the NBA playoffs going on right now and the state of the Sixers. SVG talked about how the fact that the Sixers have two lottery picks in the top 10 of the draft is considered a success, is premature. "Anybody can get lottery picks, you dont deserve credit of being a successful GM for that, let's see what happens." SVG also said that me 'misses the game' and the challenge of the NBA game. Listen to SVG talk break down the first round of the NBA playoffs right here:

Frank Seravalli

Covering the Flyers for the Philadelphia Daily News called in to break down Game 3. Seravalli said that the other player on the team have to step up and play the game that they are capable of playing. It's not just the goaltender situation as much as you would think. Steve Mason will probably start in net for the Flyers in Game 4. Follow Seravalli on Twitter.


It's a Wednesday edition of top tweets!

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2. Will the 500 home run ever come back?

3. Your concern meter for the Phil Jackson marriage?

4. Do you think NBA game has changed? Re: coaches

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