Monday 6.22.15 on The Sports Bash:

Todd Zolecki joined Mike Gill to talk about some of the speculation from over the weekend that some major changes could be coming to the Phillies. The rumors are also there in that Ryne Sandberg has "lost the clubhouse." Zolecki talks about some of the communication problems Sandberg has had with this current roster and how he has failed to get any sort of development from the younger players on the team. Also: will Chase Utley reach the 500 plate appearances needed to vest that option? Or will his playing time continue to diminish? Follow Zo on Twitter.


Our Sixers insider Derek Bodner jumped on to talk about the NBA Draft on Thursday which will see the Sixers selecting third overall. The team also has 5 second round picks to play with. According to Bodner, a trade is possible at the top of the draft, but the team will draft D'Angelo Russell third overall if they choose to stay put.