Two of the NFL's most polarizing teams are favorites to make it to the Super Bowl. And that may drive fans of other teams berserk.

Sure, the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys have large followings, but they also have a long list of people who loathe them.

The Patriots are led by the one-two punch of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. Belichick, a curmudgeon whose love of hoodies makes him a gridiron version of Darth Vader. Brady, a pretty boy married to a supermodel whose Horatio Alger-like rise from sixth-round draft pick to all-time great has been eclipsed in some circles by the shadiness associated with Deflategate. In the face of these charges, Pats' supporters soldier on, Stepford fans who feel a sense of entitlement and an attitude that winning the Super Bowl is pre-ordained.

While the Patriots are America's 21st Century Football Team, the Cowboys remain America's Team. The fans have become imbued with a renewed sense of arrogance, thanks in large part to stellar rookies Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys, though, have won a grand total of three playoff games since winning Super Bowl XXX in 1996. And they've never advanced past the divisional round in all those years. Still, Cowboys fans maintain an attitude that their team is the premiere franchise in the NFL, despite a dearth of relevance that has permeated the team for two decades.

So, yeah, both fanbases reek of an air of "We're superior to everyone else" and "It's really just a formality that we have to play these games." That, friends, is more commonly called an air of superiority that (for the Patriots) is earned under murky circumstances and (for the Cowboys) by the five Super Bowl rings (three of which came in the '90s) that fans continue to cling to in the face of continued disappointment.

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