Over the last weekend's NBA board of governors meetings, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took time to clarify his involvement in Sixers recent Front Office changes, saying all he did was make the connection between Jerry Colangelo and Sixers Majority Owner Josh Harris.  Philadelphia Inquirer Sixers Reporter Keith Pompey says that the changes we have seen in the Sixers Front Office is the result of a culmination of problems over the last three years that came to a head recently:

San Antonio Spurs v Philadelphia 76ers
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"Jerry Colangelo does have a lot of power and he is know as someone who doesn't answer to anyone else. But the Sixers asked him to come here and I think on his watch, when he was there consulting them, I think there was some mistakes made and I also think there were certain things the ownership group wanted (Jerry) to do and he didn't do. And according to some of my sources Jerry was one of the guys saying 'Sam (Hinkie) I think you need to listen to the owners'.....The fact is his son (Bryan) didn't want to come here, his son really wanted the Brooklyn job. That didn't work out. Jerry is heading up USA Basketball. But I think we're going back to the Okafor Situation, we're going to the tanking three years in a row, we're going back to the off the court things, you know a lot of things that have happened with the Sixers. I think what happened is the owner got embarrassed. A lot of people fail to realize there was a game when they were in the midst of their Tanking that Josh Harris came to the Wells Fargo (Center) and he was booed. And I think at that particular time he realized enough was enough."

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