I feel like sometimes Atlantic City takes one step forward, but then takes two steps back.

Things start to look up for our beloved little casino city by the sea - like when we get the big, highly anticipated announcement about the indoor water park finally breaking ground at the Showboat Atlantic City.

I mean, wow! This looks like it's finally happening! Maybe this is finally the time that something happens that we've been hoping and wishing would happen. Maybe this is the time that Atlantic City finally gets something huge that's going to diversify things a little. Maybe, despite years and years of trying, Atlantic City will finally have something that does appeal to the family that has kids and grandkids, not the family that whacks people and buries them in the Pine Barrens.

Things are finally starting to go Atlantic City's way - but then - oh, heck no - the world gets introduced to Seth - the crack-smoking duck.

Ladies and Gentleman, gather around for the amazing story of Seth, Atlantic City's crack-smoking pet duck:

Social media is a crazy thing, right?

Again, just when Atlantic City starts turning a corner, something comes around the corner to push her back down.

Well, now we'll be sitting here, staring at our computer screen, waiting for the further adventures of #SethTheDuck.

South Jersey, it looks like we have our own mascot!

God Bless us, everyone. Including the World's Greatest Playground's new webbed footed hero.

SOURCE: Twitter.

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