On Sunday night the Sixers showed some of their warts in their loss in Tampa to the Raptors, falling 110-103.

One of the discouraging things about the loss, was the Raptors were playing without one of their top players, Kyle Lowry.

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As the Sixers look to improve their roster before the March 25 trade deadline, one name to watch, according to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer is Raptors guard Lowry.

League sources say Philadelphia, which came up short in its bid for Harden, is still seeking major moves to increase its championship odds.


Lowry is an interesting name, with Philly ties and an expiring contract, who definitely fits a team need, a veteran guard who can handle the ball and create shots.

But one name to monitor is Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, a 34-year-old Philadelphia native in the final season of his contract. A veteran perimeter shot-creator is the only piece the Sixers truly lack, and there aren’t many other players on Lowry’s level who are even theoretically available.

If the Sixers could land Lowry, one question what be, what happens to the rotation.

Lowry could enter the starting lineup with Seth Curry heading to the bench.  They could also go smaller with Curry and Lowry in the starting lineup and Danny Green heading to the bench.  One other possible look would be to being Curry and Green off-the-bench, with Matisee Thybulle and Lowry running with the first unit.

Green or Thybulle of course could be a part of a deal to get Lowry, which could also change some of these rotational options.

Lowry is a very good defender, and has a championship pedigree, winning a title with Green in Toronto, two seasons ago.

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